2 Ways to Boost Your Readership

Keeping a track of your website’s analytics will show you how certain articles drive more traffic than the rest of your content.

While you certainly cannot write all your articles the same way, here are two elements you may want to improve on your next article to entice more readers.

Set the Trap

You may be competing for your reader’s attention with thousands (or even millions) of articles tackling the same topic, but stringing words into a unique title might just grab your reader’s attention from the get-go.

To illustrate, an article on the importance of video marketing in the success of a business titled “Video Marketing: It Helps Make Business Expand” may work better than “Why Video Marketing Helps Your Business Succeed.”

Keep Them Hooked

Grabbing your reader’s attention is just the start. Readers have a very limited attention span so you need to keep them interested.

Especially if it is a long article, it would be wise to have a summary as your lead paragraph telling your audience right away what your stand is. You have to let them know how relevant or useful your article is to them.

You should not leave your readers feeling misled or disappointed to have given you precious screen time they can never get back. By meeting the expectations of your readers, you increase the chances of converting them into frequent visitors and regular readers.

You may know search engine optimization or share your posts in social networking sites multiple times and still suffer very few page views. Ultimately, it is your unique and well-written content that will win patrons over time.