5 Legit, Well-paid Work from Home Jobs

The past decade has seen a rise in remote work as it is beneficial to both the employees and the employers. This global phenomenon resulted into many legitimate opportunities online that matches your skills and that could afford you a better lifestyle.

Companies save a significant amount of money from lower real estate costs and overhead expenses while the pay off for professionals is a better work-life balance. Eliminating the commute to work alone leaves you with enough time to take care of yourself or attend to your family’s needs.

Here are five online jobs with competitive salaries that you can do from the comfort of your own home or remotely:

Administrative Assistant

Annual salary range: $29,000 – $33,020

General job description: In essence, a virtual office secretary that manages documents, handles correspondence, maintains a calendar, schedules meetings and writes business minutes. Other administrative tasks may be required, such as data entry, proofreading and research, depending on the nature of business.

Online tutor

Annual salary range: $15,000 – $68,510

General job description: Conducting one-on-one webcam sessions or phone conversations to help students in a particular subject, an online tutor should be knowledgeable in the teaching subject and must have excellent communication skills. Some companies also offer instructional lessons with a group, and clients range from kids to working professionals. Nowadays, online English tutors are in demand among Japanese, Koreans and Chinese students. Salary depends on the experience and competency of the tutor.


Average pay per hour: $15.19

General job description: This entails good listening and fast typing skills in order to accurately and efficiently convert audio recordings into electronic text documents. On average, a transcriptionist can type 70 words per minute. Pay rates are usually output based, meaning you would be paid for the total number of audio minutes transcribed. A 15-minute audio recording could take about an hour to transcribe.

Customer Service Assistant

Average pay per hour: $13.20

General job description: Being the primary connection between a company and its clients, a customer service assistant has two main responsibilities: provide help and resolve complaints politely. Specific duties vary as all types of businesses have customers to take care of. But you don’t need to worry because companies usually offer training programs through online video tutorials. Sales and retail companies, for example, would require assistance in processing orders and taking outbound or inbound calls.

Online Marketing Specialist

Average annual salary: $48,954

General job description: An online marketing specialist has to be innovative, proficient in the latest computer programs, and excellent in oral and written communication. This is because the position is responsible for all digital marketing and promotional activities, making sure the company reaches its target audience through appropriate social media platforms. A marketing specialist also conducts research about online consumer habits and trends, and drives relevant website traffic that translates into sales.

Working from home may not be for everyone. But with the required skills and proper self-discipline, a reliable computer and a strong internet connection, you can earn a big paycheck without ever leaving your couch.