5 Steps to Using Twitter for Unlimited Traffic

With more than 100 million users daily, Twitter can be an endless supply of leads. That is, however, if you do it right. Here are five simple steps you can take to use Twitter for unlimited traffic:

Step 1 – Start with social engagement as your main goal

As with the other social media platforms, your first and foremost goal is to engage as many people as possible. You can do this by providing valuable and helpful content or offering a solution to an existing problem. Help enough people and you’ll generate enough Twitter traffic to start converting prospects into sales.

Find out the problems that your product or service can solve. To do this, use the search function, which is represented by the magnifying glass icon. Utilize keywords to make the search more efficient. For example, you wrote an eBook on how to boost web traffic. You search phrase can be “How to drive visitors to my website.” When you find the problem that your product solves, you are on your way to generating unlimited Twitter traffic.

Step 2 – Approach people with your solution

When you approach people, avoid sounding like a salesperson. While your ultimate goal is to make a sale, treating people as if you’re only after their money will almost guarantee that you will lose their trust as well as their business. The right way to approach people is to think of them as your friend. When you have the solution to your friend’s problem, you don’t think about making money from their distress. Instead, you offer some help. Going back to the example in the previous step, your goal should be to help people generate more web traffic. Your approach could be to suggest they watch some of your YouTube videos or read your blog posts about how they can do exactly that.

Step 3 – Have them sign up for your mailing list

Once your prospect clicks on the link to your video or your blog, give them the option of signing up for your mailing list. This way you’ll have direct communication with them. You can also send them promotions or information about your new products or services in the future.

Step 4 – Direct them to your sales page

The first four steps are designed to build rapport with your prospects so that at this stage, they can be considered warm leads, which result in better sales conversion.

Using Twitter may seem easy but if you’re not careful, you can be branded as a spammer and have your account suspended. Avoid the Twitter trap of posting just about anything you think will make you a sale. Instead, focus on genuinely helping people and your efforts will be rewarded.