5 Tips for Increasing App Visibility on Google Play

There is now a great deal of Android apps available through Google Play, so it has become harder than ever to get your app noticed. With visibility key to your app’s success, you need to optimize your app in ways that will encourage more downloads.

This entails coming up with a strategy focused on how your app is presented and how you can make it stand out as a better-performing and more worthwhile alternative.

Here are some tips to help you get started on that strategy and to draw more attention on Google Play.

Create a good-value app

The better the rating an app gets, the better its chances of appearing high on the Google Play search results page. If your app is well-designed, meets user expectations, and performs smoothly, then you can look forward to positive feedback. Customers normally factor in reviews and ratings when they decide on which apps to purchase, so ensure that the app you develop won’t disappoint and has a unique and attractive selling point.

Conduct keyword research

Keyword research is just as essential to Goggle Play search results. You need to look into which keywords post high traffic scores and can help your app rank high on the results page. Of course, the keywords must be of relevance to the app, since these will be included in the app’s name and description. With the right SEO strategy, you can make Google Play’s search algorithm work in your favor.

Deliver visual appeal

Visuals are an essential element in every app, and customers are partial to imagery that catches their eyes or leaves an impression on them. So when selecting screenshots, consider their visual appeal and make sure they capture the app’s highlights and features accurately. Don’t forget to also check for browser requirements to guarantee that the images display properly. The goal is to entice, and avoid turning off, those who are interested in downloading your app.

Monitor metrics

Numbers can tell you how effective your optimization strategy is and what areas you still need to improve on. This is why it pays to keep tabs on your app’s ranking based on various performance metrics such as number of downloads, installs and ratings, download growth, and usage frequency. By tracking your progress, you’ll also be able to determine if your targeted keywords are on point or if further keyword research is required.

Develop promo videos

Unlike marketing at the Apple Store, Google Play lets developers include a YouTube clip of the app. Customers usually enjoy watching videos, so this is your opportunity to introduce them to the app, show it in action, and highlight what sets them apart and what makes them worth downloading.

Ensuring that your app is optimized for visibility on Google Play is a work in progress. Take the time to review and understand your app’s performance. And when and where necessary, adjust your strategy accordingly for better results.