Cheap Traffic Methods to Flood Your Pockets

To thrive in today’s online scene, you need to drive traffic to your website. The more visitors you get, the more likely you’ll gain an edge over the tons of sites targeting the same audience as yours.

While there are different ways to generate traffic, there’s one aspect that you can’t overlook—content.

It’s not just about building content though. To stand out, you must create content that is relevant and valuable to your audience. You must promote the content you develop. And you must ensure that your content reaches your prospects.

It may not be an easy feat. But you don’t need a huge budget to pull it off. You can actually ncrease your site’s traffic, exposure and backlinks via low-cost (and at times free) methods.

Not convinced it’s possible? Here are some tips and strategies worth trying.

Use WordPress and Squarespace

With professional-looking WordPress and Squarespace templates and themes, you don’t have to spend much to have a website that looks like a custom-designed one.You can also easily add an About page and testimonials to help boost conversion rates. Just make sure the interface’s straightforward and user-friendly, so visitors won’t have any difficulty navigating it.

Make time for a blog

Blogs don’t cost a fortune, yet they can help bring in visitors to your website. Blogging has worked favorably for 60 percent of businesses, according to HubSpot survey findings. The reason: blogging gives your site a personal touch, making it easier to connect with visitors and to build rapport with customers. Plus, having more indexed pages usually leads to a better search engine ranking.

Learn the basics of SEO

Search engine optimization can benefit your business in many ways, and you don’t have to blow your budget to understand how it works and how you can use it to your advantage. To begin with, you need to use appropriate keywords and to use them appropriately (without Google flagging your website as spammy). Fresh or regularly updated content is also key, as is earning quality back links that will help build your site’s credibility.

Engage with customers

To earn the trust and support of visitors to your website, it pays to interact with them by responding to comments they post on your blog. In addition, the exchanges you share can help establish your company as an authoritative source of content and in turn increase the traffic that flows to your site.

Promote your site’s content on social media

Social media plays a key role in the marketing efforts of all kinds of businesses, as platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ can help you reach a wider audience without eating much into your budget. For best results, place follow buttons on your website and make sure they’re easily visible; post share-worthy content consistently; and adhere to the one-in-seven rule (one promotional post, six value-content posts). You might also want to ask for your customer’s feedback on your products and steer clear of syndicated status updates, which may come off as insincere or inauthentic.

Don’t let a tight budget stop you from looking for ways to increase traffic to your website. Try building a strategy based on the tips above, and you might find it easier to stay on top of your game and win over visitors to your site.