Teens are Richer Than Me Doing This

Teenagers use the internet for many things but mainly for posting on social media and connecting with their friends. It seems like they can’t get enough of their selfies and OOTDs. Of course, parents wish their kids would use it more for researching for their homework!

But did you know that a teenager can also use the internet to make money? Whether she’s looking to earn extra money for her tuition or for that new cool gadget that all her friends have, she can get the money by working online.

Here are several ways teenagers can earn money online:

Paid surveys

Many large companies pay people to take surveys. And that’s because they must know what the public needs and wants. They also need to know how well their products and services are doing. And that is why, they pay people to answer their questionnaires. This is something a teenager can do in her spare time. She will get paid a small but decent fee for every survey that she answers.

Video games

A teenager who considers himself an expert in any video game can now earn good money from this. How? By working as a beta tester for new games released by video game companies. All he has to do is to search for companies which are in need of teenage beta testers. Not only will he get to play the games that he loves, he also gets to earn good money from it! That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

Writing jobs

There are companies looking for entry level writers because they cannot yet afford the fees of professional web writers. This is what a teenager should aim for. Such writing gigs can be found in online platforms like Upwork. She just has to make sure that the client has a verified payment system for a secure and trouble-free transaction.

Design jobs

Similar to writing jobs, some companies prefer young designers who will charge lower fees for web and graphic design. Any teenager who’s adept in editing her photos on Photoshop before posting it on Facebook can certainly use this skill to make money.

Online tutorial

A teenager who works as a tutor to smaller kids in her neighborhood can also do this via the online route. The pay is much bigger and she doesn’t have to leave the house anymore. All she needs is a reliable internet connection, a good quality headset and a laptop. She can teach academic subjects or teach other nationalities how to speak the English language.

Smart teenagers know that the internet is more than just a place for posting selfies and boasting about their latest activities. It can also be an excellent venue for earning money, which they can use to lighten up the load of their parents even just a little.