Answer a Survey and Earn a Living

It’s true that there are various ways to earn money online. However, if you’re looking for something quick and simple, and doesn’t require any special skill or talent, then answering surveys is the right option for you.

Now, the only problem is, you’ve heard a few people complain that the earnings are too small. This is only because these people are not aware of how to boost survey money. And this is exactly what you’ll learn from this post.

Here are the top ways you can increase your survey earnings:

Join focus groups

As it turns out, joining focus groups is more lucrative than answering paid surveys by yourself. Look for focus groups in your area and participate in all those that you can find. For each session, you will be paid anywhere from $50 to $150.  And this will only take you one or two hours. Not bad, right?

Answer phone surveys

With this, you’re not going to work online but through your phone. Most people prefer the online survey because they don’t like the idea of talking on the phone with another person. But if this doesn’t bother you, you can go for this route and earn more with it. Keep in mind that phone surveys are usually shorter in duration but pays a lot more.

Always answer honestly

You may not know this, but the best way to increase your earnings in paid surveys is by answering the questions with all honesty. Companies that offer these paid surveys won’t hire your services again once they find out you’re cheating. Make sure that you answer each question honestly so they get the right information from you.

Avoid scams

While there are many legitimate paid survey sites, there are also those that are just out to get your money. Stay away from these. One thing that will help you distinguish scams from legit sites is by searching online for success stories. You can also type in the website you’re eyeing for and add the word “scam”. See what results come up, if people have bad things to say about the site you’re intending to join.

Make referrals

Another great way to boost your earnings is to refer other people to the website you’re working for. Many survey sites offer compensation for referrals. In fact, you can even get a percentage of the earnings of your referrals. In some cases, you will be offered up to $5 for each person that you refer to the site. Go to Facebook and post about your work. Tell your friends to send you a personal message if they are interested in making extra money.

Use all these tips to increase the amount of money that you earn from answering surveys. In no time, this might even become your primary source of income.