Effective and Reliable Traffic Sources Worth Exploring

For online marketing newbies, finding traffic can be both challenging and risky. Spending big on pay per click advertising or solo ads, for instance, does not guarantee huge returns. And if you do not pick the right provider, you might end up feeling like you’ve been cheated or that the whole thing was a scam.

Search engine optimization is certainly an option. However, with search engines constantly changing their criteria, a lot of it is beyond your control. What worked last month might no longer be effective the next month, so your efforts won’t always pay off.

The good news is there are traffic sources that are not only free or low-cost but also deliver as expected, making them worth the time and energy you put in. Here are some of your best options.

Article marketing

If you’re comfortable writing in English, try article marketing. To succeed with this strategy though, you’ll need lots of perseverance and patience.You’ll have to be ready to write plenty of articles on or around a single topic. And you’ll have to wait to see results—it usually takes time for articles to be discovered and shared.

One technique that helps is placing the link to your lead capture in the resource box at the end of the article. Although certain article repository sites are strict when it comes to the kinds of links you use, you stand to benefit from having your links on such sites.

Exchanging links

For this approach, you’ll need to find someone with offers that are similar (or related) to yours and who will agree to link exchanging—wherein your respective links are added to each other’s download page. This works best if both sites are already receiving a good amount of traffic from the get-go; otherwise, there might be little traffic to look forward to. Then there’s the element of trust. The two of you should stick to the plan—retaining the link and helping  one another get equal or similar numbers of visitors.

Video marketing

Video marketing is an excellent alternative, that is if you know the basics of and have experience with filming and editing. Start by looking into topics that are hot, interesting and relevant. Once you’ve done your research, pick out a style or manner of presentation that attracts attention, is hard to ignore and matches your content. This improves the likelihood that your video will drive traffic to your site.

Results don’t always come easy in the online marketing world. And if you’re on a limited budget, you’ll need to invest even more time and effort to see results, with a chunk spent on research. But as with any other business, the right decisions and strategies coupled with hard work will bring you closer to your goals.