Pinterest Marketing: Your Money Machine

Social media is becoming even more and more powerful each day. In fact, experts estimate that by 2020, nearly 3 billion people will be using social networks. That’s about a third of the entire population in the world!

Any business owner should realize that social media is something that they cannot overlook when it comes to marketing strategies. It should in fact be a major part of their marketing plan, especially if the business is a startup, and has not yet established a customer base.

Pinterest is one of the social networks that you can use if you are starting a business. This image-based platform can drive traffic to your business website, help you reach your target audience, and in turn, boost your sales.

Here are some ways you can succeed with Pinterest marketing.

Put keywords in your promoted pins

Whenever you pin an image or post, make sure that it has at least 20 keywords in it. This will help your pin show in the search results when people look for content that are similar to what you have posted. Doing this enables you to connect with the right kinds of people, the ones in your target audience.

Make your pins stand out

There are a lot of bright and colorful images that you’ll find on the pages of Pinterest. One way to get people to notice your pins is to use images that have 2:3 or 1.3:5 width to height ratios. It has been found that these image sizes are more effective in catching the attention of your target audience.

Put text overlay on the images

Another way your images can stand out is with the help of text overlays. This text not only makes the image look different from the rest, it also gives the viewers a preview of what they’re going to get when they click your image. Make sure that the text is simple enough to read and understand. Using bold fonts is a good idea, but don’t use anything too fancy. Plus, the text should also have a contrasting color from the image.

Choose light colored images

When choosing which photos to put on your Pinterest account, it would be a good idea to pick those that are light in color. According to research, light colored images perform better than dark colored ones. People seem to favor those that come in warm colors too, compared to those in cool shades.

Write a short description

Yes, the image is the highlight of the pin, but you also need to put in there a description that will give the target audience more information of what you are posting about. It’s also where you can put the call to action that prompts them to share with others your pins, and links to your website.

Using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy is not difficult at all. Just make sure that you follow these tips to ensure that your marketing tactics will be successful.