Pinterest: Traffic and Money Avalanche

Pinterest is one of the most popular social network sites today. According to statistics, it has about 150 million active users in a month. What sets it apart from other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is that this one is image-based. If you’re going to use it for your small business, it’s a whole new ball game. The strategies that you will apply are going to be different from your other social media marketing tactics.

Here are five ways you can use Pinterest to grow your small business.

Share images of your products

If your business involves selling tangible products, then you can definitely use this site to promote them. Share photos of your products in various colors, models and styles. You can also share images of your customers using the products that you are selling. To make sure that the readers recognize your image as a product, include a price in the description. This way, it would go to the gift section of Pinterest.

Share videos

Post online videos on your Pinterest account that show the benefits of using your product without blatantly advertising it. For example, if you are selling protein powder for body builders, you can make a video on how to make a protein smoothie. Or you can also make a video detailing the major benefits of protein for the body.

Post your blog posts

You can also use Pinterest to feature your blog posts. This will help you make a “visual directory” of the content that you publish. Be sure that your blog post has photos or infographics as this social media network needs an image to pin your post. As with the video, the blog post should not be an advertisement of your products, but an informative and beneficial article related to what you are selling.

Do market research

Another way Pinterest can help grow your small business is through market research. Study the activity in your account. What images are your followers liking and repinning? This says a lot about what your consumers want. Also, take a look at the demographics that are interested in your pins—are you hitting your target market? Or perhaps, you need to implement certain changes?

Turn it into a website

Your Pinterest account can become an extension of your business website. You can create an image-based version of your site that includes the company’s “about” page, history, testimonials and so on.

Pinterest may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter but it has its own set of advantages that any business owner would want to get hold of and maximize. Once you get into it, you’ll see that it can definitely do a lot in helping your small business grow.