SCAM? Paid Surveys?

Working online has plenty advantages—better pay, flexible hours, and working without a boss, to name a few. But why is that so many people are still afraid to jump in? It’s the word “scam” that terrifies them.

Scams are particularly abundant in paid online surveys. Out of all the survey makers out there, only 20 percent pays in cash. The rest will fool you into getting gift products or discounts, or not compensate you at all.

But if you know your way around, you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. Here are some signs that a survey site cannot be trusted:

Upfront payment

Here’s something any internet expert will tell you: legitimate survey makers will not charge you a fee to get started. You don’t have to pay to get paid. If the survey site is asking you for payment for membership, starter kit, subscription or account activation, stay away from it. Go and look somewhere else.

Exaggerated testimonials

Check out the testimonials given by other users of the site. But don’t believe everything that you read. Most of the time, these testimonials are written by the company themselves. See if the testimonial are written by real people. If it seems like the testimonial is written like an advertisement or the claims are outrageous (I earned $100 in one minute!), then it’s probably fake.

Background checks

Reputable survey companies do not conduct background checks or ask too much personal information from their survey respondents. All they will require is your name, email address, age and gender. If you are required to put in your credit card number or social security number, it’s most likely that the site only wants to use your personal information for their advantage.

No Privacy Policy

See if the survey site contains a privacy policy.  But don’t just stop there. Take the time to read and understand what they say in their privacy policy. If something seems off to you, trust your instincts and leave the site. If there’s something you don’t understand, get help from a friend who will be able to explain things to you more clearly.

No matter how tempting or enticing the offers to you are, do not sign up with any survey site until you are completely sure that it is legitimate and safe. It should pay in cash and not compensate with you useless products that you don’t have any need for.