How Email Marketing Can Make You A LOT of “Money”

Despite what other people say, email won’t be obsolete anytime soon. Right now, there are about 2.5 billion people that use email around the world. That’s about 34 percent of the total world population. Experts predict that the number of users will jump up to 2.8 billion by 2019.

So what do these figures tell us? This means that business owners cannot ignore the importance of email marketing. Email remains as a powerful way of connecting and communicating with people.

If you’re still not convinced that this should be a part of your business marketing plan, here are reasons that might just change your mind:

Email is more effective than social media in acquiring new customers

Most people find this hard to believe but it’s true. While social media is a very powerful medium for network building and connection, email is still the more effective channel for acquiring new customers.

In one study, it was confirmed that customer acquisition through email marketing has multiplied four times since 2013. Another study reported that 85 percent of retailers in the United States agree that email marketing is one of the best methods for connecting with new customers.

Email is simple, easy and cost effective

It’s very easy to use email. Most people, even those who declare themselves technophobes, know how to send and receive messages through emails. Plus, it’s inexpensive. You don’t need a big budget to reach a big number of potential customers. It’s a lot cheaper to conduct email marketing than to advertise on radio, TV or snail mail.

Email is personalized

Unlike in social media where you post content that’s addressed to your entire audience, email is more personalized and directed only to a single person. This makes a lot of difference. It makes your customers feel valued that you take the time to communicate with them.

Of course, this means that you should not send spam, mass produced or generic emails. Make each message that you send personalized for the person you’re sending it too. Yes, this takes more time but the investment is worth it.

Email prompts action

Email can be used to prompt a desired action such as click, reply, forward, sign up or even buy. It’s very easy to use email to direct your customers to your website, and encourage them to see what you have in store for them.

Email is measurable

Use any of the many email marketing software available online today, and you can easily monitor how many people open your messages, click the links or subscribe to your page. The results that you will get from your email marketing program can be used for your market research.

As you can see, email marketing remains an essential part of business marketing. See to it that you include this in your marketing campaign and reap the rewards afterwards.