How to Earn Well with Adsense

If you want to make money from blogging, you cannot afford not to use Google AdSense. This is a program designed by Google that lets bloggers earn money each time visitors click on the ads displayed on their blogs.

It’s important to know though that Google AdSense is not a get-rich-quick tool. It takes a long time and lots of effort to start earning money with it. But once you do, money will just keep coming in.

So how do you make money using this tool? Here are the ways:

First, increase search traffic

People with problems go to Google to search for a solution. If one of your blog posts provides a solution to a common problem, this will appear on the search results. AdSense will then put up relevant ads that will make people click on your blog post. With every click, you get to earn money. So it pays to make an effort to boost search traffic. To make sure of this, you need to write content that will link to or within your site.

Second, enable your ad units to display not just text but also rich media ad types

This will boost the number of ads that will appear on your site. With more advertisers come higher earnings. Some internet marketers report a 59 percent increase in clicks after they make these changes.

Third, it also helps to increase the size of the ads

Advertisers prefer the ad units of wider sizes. If you make use of this, you can expect more advertisements on your blogs. Of course, the placement is also key. You should find strategic locations for your ads. Remember, a simple ad placed in the right position beats a flashy ad in the wrong location any day.

Here are other tips to remember

  • Do not click on your own links. You cannot fool Google. It knows if you’re the one clicking your ads. You’ll probably make money clicking your ads 100 times a day but you’ll get penalized or even banned later on.
  • Do not tell your friends to click on your links. Again, this will only result in penalty. Google will find a way to figure out who are clicking your ads.
  • Do not use more than three ad blocks on one page. That used to be the maximum number that Google allows. It’s recommended that you have one in your banner, one in your side bar and another at the bottom part of the page. Placing too many ads is counterproductive. It will only annoy your audience and reduce your traffic. You are now allowed more than 3, but the guidelines are subjective, so I prefer to play it safe.

Don’t start your blog without doing your homework on AdSense. This is your ticket to making money from blogging.