Top 5 Free Ways to Generate Traffic

There are different ways to generate traffic online. And some of them are even free! Yes, you read that right. Here are the top five that you should definitely consider in your marketing plan:

Target market

Before you can hope to make money online, you should first identify your target market. Next, you need to make sure to get them to like you by being relatable through your posts. You can do this by posting a few seconds of video showing you going about your day like any other normal person. You can also post motivational quotes or images of how your target market can solve some of their common problems. These posts don’t necessarily have to do with your product or service. Your initial goal is to establish rapport with your audience because once you have their trust, it is easier to convince them to make a purchase.

SEO-generated organic traffic

Google’s algorithm for ranking search results is so sophisticated that it considers factors such as keywords that correspond to your content, content that corresponds to your links (both inbound and outbound), the quality of the links, and many others. These aspects make generating organic traffic from search engine optimization (SEO) a lot of work. Nonetheless, the main advantage of generating organic traffic is that it tends to do better with conversion.

High quality images

Great quality photos have the power to make your website look professional and sophisticated. They are also extremely helpful in communicating messages instantaneously, which is why using images can increase viewers’ engagement by more than 20 percent. When using images, remember the following:

  • Add at least one image to your post.
  • The image must be relevant to the content to keep the reader engaged.
  • If you’re not going to use your own images, use photos from stock photo sites that offer plenty of free and paid options.

Social media

Most brands online can be found on the major social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. If you haven’t done so, make sure you establish your presence on these platforms. Whenever you have a new blog post or video, remember to share links to the appropriate webpage on all your social media accounts so visitors can easily find the content.


One of the off-page SEO techniques, link building is an important strategy you need to learn if you want to boost traffic. Building link takes time and effort but if you keep at it, your efforts will pay off. When it comes to SEO, there are a couple things you need to keep in mind. First, it’s never too soon to start building links. Second, quality over quantity. When ranking a site, Google checks the quality of the links so make sure you build links only with credible and reliable sites.

There is a time and place for paid traffic, but these techniques often don’t require you to spend extra. All they need in order to work is a little bit of your time and effort and you’ll be getting plenty of visitors in no time.