Top Ecommerce Platforms for Your Online Store Profits

Putting up an online store is one of the best ways to earn money online. And like other online businesses, this one also doesn’t require a big capital to get started. Setting up an online store is easy and cheap. Plus, there are various ecommerce platforms that will equip you with everything you need to make sure that your online store is a success.

Here are some of those that you should consider:


Shopify is known to power more than 320,000 online stores in the world. Its focus is on mobile shopping and social commerce, which as you know, are the trends in ecommerce today. It has been reported that most people now buy products using their mobile phones and gadgets. And a major part of their buying decisions are influenced by the social media.


  • More than 100 store themes available
  • Over 1,500 apps and plugins to improve your store’s functionality
  • Ability to link your online shop with your Facebook page
  • Mobile-friendly shopping cart
  • Mobile apps
  • 24 hour daily live chat for customer support


BigCommerce is another reliable ecommerce platform that now hosts more than 50,000 online shops. It’s one of the leading shopping cart hosts in the world. Big companies like Toyota and famous people like Martha Stewart are now using this platform. But of course, this is also available for small and medium businesses as well. It’s also very use too.


  • Extensive free apps and features
  • No transaction fees
  • Can be integrated with Facebook, Google and eBay
  • Customer support 24/7


Also a leader in ecommerce, Magento is famous for its reliability and excellent easy-to-use features. It is currently being used by many popular global brands like Huawei, Burger King, Liverpool F.C. and many others. Many say that this is the best ecommerce platform available today.


  • User friendly interface and features
  • Offers customization of storefront
  • More than 9,000 plugins and extensions
  • Free extensions for social media networks
  • Resource library for store management and growth


YoKart combines rich features and smart pricing plans. Many startup businesses prefer this ecommerce platform. It’s also said to be a “one-stop solution” as it will integrate with multi-vendor stores such as Etsy and eBay.


  • Multi-vendor marketplace
  • Own source code
  • Easy to customize according to your preferences
  • Mobile friendly apps and tools

Big Cartel

Big Cartel’s tagline: “We believe in the artist” shows us that this one is designed for artists, creative people, and small businesses operated by individuals. Since its inception in 2005, it has already helped over a million artists sell their masterpieces.


  • Easy set up and management
  • Access to Facebook shop
  • Impressive themes
  • Easy to customize storefront
  • Reliable help center

So, which do you think is the best platform for your business?