YouTube Partner? Earnings Potential

Do you have any idea what the YouTube Partner Program is about? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t.

The YouTube Partner Program is a program that lets video creators monetize the videos they upload on YouTube through ad placements. Simply put, YouTubers can now earn money from the ads placed on their videos.

This program also gives users better access to analytics as well as opportunities for customization. They can add links, graphic headers and other design elements on their channels to make these unique and more attractive.

As you probably know, YouTube is now owned by Google. And this is why, the ads that you’re going to use will be through Google’s advertising platform called Google AdSense. Whenever a viewer of your video clicks on the ads displayed, you get to earn a small percentage of the revenue, which can be a few cents or dollars per click. The amount varies depending on the content and the budget of the AdSense advertiser.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone who uses YouTube for uploading their videos can apply for this program. However, there are certain qualifications that you have to meet in order to get accepted. For example, you need to be able to create and upload original content regularly. You should also own all the rights to the videos that you are uploading.

Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Once you get accepted into the program, you can start working your way to building an even bigger audience. At first, your earnings will be small, but as your audience grows, you can expect that your earnings will also increase.

  • Stick to a specific theme – Choose a theme and upload videos relevant to this. Don’t upload random videos that would make it difficult for your audience to figure out what it is that you really do. For example, if you’re a musician, then you can upload your performances, compositions and so on. Don’t upload videos of your travels or your business ventures. Stick to music, at least in that particular channel.
  • Tag your videos with keywords – This helps people find your content. List as many related keywords as you can. It would also be a good idea to include one or two of those keywords on your video title.
  • Promote your videos on social media – Tweet about your videos and share them on your Facebook account. This will get more audiences to your channel.

Becoming a YouTube partner can be a lot of work. But if you’re serious about it and you’re determined to succeed, you’ll know in the end that all your efforts are worth it.