YouTube vs. Vimeo: Which One Should You Use for Your Business?

You know what they say about how a picture paints a thousand words. What if the picture is moving? Then it paints even more words, right?

Expert internet marketers recognize the advantage of videos over text, which is why they always recommend business owners to make video marketing an integral part of the marketing plan.

Here are the major perks of video marketing:

  • It conveys both verbal and nonverbal messages
  • It engages and captures the attention of audiences
  • It can combine various mediums (videos are audio visual)
  • It can easily be spread and shared
  • It presents rich content
  • It prompts action
  • It provides excellent search engine results

If you’re a business owner, you can’t afford to ignore the major advantages of video marketing. But before you jump into it, you have to know that there are two video platforms that you can choose from: YouTube and Vimeo. Both have its own pros and cons that you have to know about so you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which one to use.

YouTube Pros

  • Wide audience reach – As the world’s “most popular video sharing platform”, you’ll reach a lot more audience when you use YouTube for your video marketing efforts. Over 1 billion people visit YouTube every month. More than 100 hours of videos are being uploaded on this platform each minute.
  • Google search results – Since YouTube is owned by Google, you can expect that your YouTube video will get higher rankings in the search results than if you use other video platforms.
  • Free of charge – You don’t have to pay a penny to create a channel on YouTube. You just have to follow the easy steps for creating an account and that’s it.
  • Paid advertising – It’s possible to have paid promotions on your YouTube video, and this helps you earn more money.

YouTube Cons

  • Not the best quality – More than a hundred hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute, so it’s expected that the videos won’t be of top quality.
  • Stiff competition – With so many other businesses and brands using this video platform, it can be quite difficult to land a top ranking in the YouTube search results.
  • Conflict of interest – The reason you’re marketing on YouTube is to promote your products and services. And of course, you want your audience to go to your website. However, YouTube wants its audiences to stay on their site, and to make sure of this, they would offer videos similar to yours.

Vimeo Pros

  • No video advertisements – Vimeo won’t run any ads on the videos that you will post. This means that there’s a bigger chance for your audience to finish watching your entire video because they won’t get distracted by the ads.
  • High quality videos – Your video will be displayed in the best quality possible.

Vimeo Cons

  • Less traffic – There’s only about 170 million users visiting Vimeo every month.
  • Not for free – You will need to pay a certain amount to register and activate your Vimeo account.
  • Low Google search results – Google prioritizes the videos on YouTube and gives lower rankings to videos posted on Vimeo.

By knowing the pros and cons of both platforms, you will know which one will be more suitable for you and your business.